At Eastgate House of Prayer, we are inspired by the example of King David's Tabernacle, and use the Harp & Bowl model to facilitate corporate prayer and worship. This model is based on Revelation 5.8:

The twenty four elders fell down before the Lamb, each having a harp and a golden bowl full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints.

In this passage of Scripture the harp represents worship with musical instruments, and the golden bowls full of incense represent intercessory prayer. During our prayer sets at EHOP, we join musical instruments, the singing of scripture and intercession together to allow for sustainable, enjoyable times of prayer. 

Following are descriptions of the various types of sets in our prayer room:


The intercession set is a corporate prayer time led by a worship team and a prayer leader. Each set focuses on a specific topic or theme. Through rhythms of worship, intercessory prayer is led by the prayer leader, who will at times invite "rapid fire" prayer, when those in the room are invited in succession to pray short prayers on the microphone. These sets are a time of engaging with God’s heart and will for particular issues and needs.


Worship with the word

During Worship with the Word, the team sings and prays through passages of Scripture,  going deeper into the revelation of the knowledge of God through Biblical themes. These are times that are conducive to individual Bible study, journalling and meditative prayer.

A devotional set is led by one worship leader and is typically meditative and intimate. These sets are free flowing and worshipful, allowing for personal time with God.